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Samson Hosiery Ltd Manchester
Re-brand, Website Design
Project Details
Launch Date: November 2015
Status: Live
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Samson is a Manchester based sock manufacturer who requested a brand overhaul, new corporate website and multiple e-commerce sub-sites.
The Problem
Samson's old identity did not communicate what was at the core of their business. This affected every aspect of their brand's image. The website was so far behind contemporary standards that it did not present Samson's real capabilities.
My involvement in the implementation of this project resulted in a brand eco system, which addressed the issues of consistency across both print and digital, as well as the creation of interesting content and experiences. I suggested separating the eCommerce and corporate websites, in doing this corporate side became very information centric and the retail sites focused only on selling products.
Identity Design
The new logo was created by intertwining the letter S from Samson to make a knitting pattern, which perfectly represents what Samson produces. Gold and navy were chosen as the primary colours by the client from many initial ideas.
Samson Logo Specifications
Business Cards
Samson is as a company that designs and manufactures their own products. This unique process of bringing a product to market is key to the integrity of this British manufacturer – this is the key selling point presented in their corporate website. The new site became very presentational in style, instead of using separate pages, content is displayed in sections on the landing page. One section is visible at a time and the scrolling results in the movement of these sections to change. I used Fullpage.js by Álvaro Trigo to achieve the fullscreen scrolling effect.
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